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The emergence of cryptocurrencies was revolutionary in the global economy, because it made it possible to safely carry out transactions without intermediary banks and taking into account the exchange rate of the American currency. Fortunately, visitors to online casinos also have the opportunity to “mine” digital coins and pay bets with them.

Today there are more and more casinos that offer to play with crypto. In the article you will consider the advantages and disadvantages of such sites, their potential and features of cryptocurrency financial transactions. You will also be able to understand whether this format is right for you.

What is a crypto casino?

The only difference between these casinos and regular ones is that they accept different funds from players. However, even among them certain species emerge. There are casinos exclusively for cryptocurrency and games in them too. Some casinos give out coins for creating an account, so you can play in such an establishment without investments, but with little money.

What is a crypto casino?

Because of this, crypto casinos have included classic clubs that accept both fiat and digital money. On their portals you can open an account in any currency, national, international, cryptographic, or even create two: for playing, for example, in euros and in bitcoins. There are also no problems with the choice of entertainment here, as well as with exchanging EURO for BTC and vice versa. On such sites, you can immediately deposit/withdraw money in crypto or make payments through a crypto wallet, but in regular currency.

What cryptocurrencies are supported at online casinos?

The first digital currency protected by cryptographic technologies was Bitcoin. It is not surprising that he was the first to enter the field of gambling entertainment. Today, there are dozens of Bitcoin casinos online that offer players the choice of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as an alternative currency when registering. Altcoins that appeared later are tied to its rate. Today gambling clubs work with:

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XPR)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Tron (TRX) and etc.

All of these altcoins are considered the closest competitors to Bitcoin, as they have strong technological support on individual blockchains/platforms, and are found in many casinos on the Internet. Some of the digital coins are trying to move into the category of stablecoins (stable cryptocurrencies), but this approach contradicts the main principle of the crypto market – decentralization.

Why should you play in a casino with cryptocurrency?

Security, decentralization and anonymity are what many players liked. The first is implemented through blockchain and cryptographic keys. The last two stem from the absence of the need for intermediaries between counterparties, that is, there is no need to involve banking institutions to transfer money. This helps you bypass restrictions in regulated markets and accumulate digital assets that can easily be turned into profitable investments.

Anonymity is also realized through simplified verification or its absence. Some clubs from the rating of casinos with cryptocurrency allow you to withdraw winnings without identification, others require a minimum of information for registration and cashout. Actually, to create most crypto wallets or open accounts on an exchange, you do not need to provide personal data. Therefore, the user can withdraw winnings to an anonymous account.

The best crypto casinos give bonuses for playing without investment and allow you to accumulate coins without effort. In addition, such sites publish materials for beginners, where they teach how to play with cryptocurrency, make payments, open wallets, etc. Some establishments invite reliable exchanges to cooperate, where clients can purchase/exchange electronic coins with a minimum commission.

They also inform about the current exchange rate, provide special privileges that those who use fiat do not have, etc.

How to play in a casino using cryptocurrency?

The instructions are familiar to many players. First you need to choose an online casino and register with it. When choosing currencies, you can immediately select Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or other altcoins or open a second account later, if this is provided for by the rules. Next, you should top up your deposit at the casino with cryptocurrency. This is where explanations are needed.

How to play in a casino using cryptocurrency?

Bitcoins and altcoins are stored in special wallets. The principle of their operation is similar to electronic ones, created for the virtual storage of money in traditional currencies. The number of cryptocurrency wallets is also large – choose according to your taste and taking into account their security. You can purchase cryptocurrency on trading platforms or directly through the online casino functionality.

By logging in to the site:

  • Click on Deposit. Enter the payment amount in rubles or other currency specified during registration.
  • Select BTC, LTC or other coins in your payment options.
  • Copy your personal address or scan the QR code to create a transaction.
  • Go to a third-party exchanger or affiliate online casino exchange, select your payment method from which you will make a purchase, and indicate the cryptocurrency you are trying to purchase.
  • Using the system prompts, generate a payment by checking the sender’s details, that is, your details, the specified amount, and the recipient (copied address).
  • Initiate the exchange and check your balance in a few minutes.

A QR code significantly speeds up the transaction if you have a cryptocurrency wallet (online or software) on your smartphone.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency from a casino?

Many players are pleased with how quickly money arrives when an account is opened in Bitcoin or other coins. In addition, even though the client usually uses a site that is located in another country, he does not pay a large commission. This is because the club does not use a bank and does not resort to conversion. To withdraw your winnings, you must have a cold or online crypto wallet.

Please note that if there is an error in the address, you will not be able to receive a refund.

TOP crypto casinos process applications non-stop, mostly automatically. Thus, requests are approved in a few minutes for verified profiles. The speed of the transaction itself depends on the chosen cryptosystem and its workload in a particular period. If you are not sure that you are going to bet in cryptocurrency on a regular basis, choose a site from the list of casinos that allows you to play from two or more accounts.

Taking into account the latest trends, crypto casinos are becoming increasingly popular among modern players. The reason is the opportunity to earn money not only from gambling, but also from exchange rate fluctuations.

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